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This 2-year programme covers nearly every theme in physics from elementary particles to the largest super clusters of galaxies. The curriculum also includes many advanced disciplines of physics such as astro physics, particle physics, plasma physics, Nanophysics and Electronics. This alone should enable a physics graduate of Don Bosco University to face with confidence all competitive examinations like NET, SLET, GATE, etc

Areas of Specialisation

  • Astrophysics
  • Electronics
  • High Energy Physics
  • Nanophysics
  • Plasma Physics

Number of Seats

  • 40 seats in each programme

Eligibility Criteria

  • Graduation in Science with 50% of the aggregate and Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics as a subject. Candidates with honours in Physics will have an advantage.
  • Provisional Admission: Applicants who have not yet obtained their Bachelor’s Degree also may apply for admission. Such candidates would be offered provisional admission until they furnish evidence of fulfilling the eligibility criterion stated in (1), within 3 months of the commencement of the programme.


Tapesia Campus

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Semester I
Classical Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics
Mathematical Physics
Electronics I
Physics Laboratory I
Semester II
Quantuam Machanics II
Condensed Matter Physics
Nanophysics I
Physics Laboratory II
Semester III
Atomic and Molecular Physics
Nuclear Physics
Computer Oriented Numerical Methods
Computer Oriented Numerical Methods Laboratory
Specialisation: High Energy Physics
  • Particle Physics
Specialisation: Plasma Physics
  • Plasma Physics I
Specialisation: Electronics
  • Electronics II
Specialisation: Nanophysics
  • Nanophysics II
Semester IV
Statistical Mechanics
Project Phase II
Study Tour
Specialisation: High Energy Physics
  • Gauge Theories
  • General Theory of Relativity and Cosmology
Specialisation: Astrophysics
  • Astrophysics
  • General Theory of Relativity and Cosmology
Specialisation: Plasma Physics
  • Plasma Physics II
  • Plasma Physics Laboratory
Specialisation: Electronics
  • Electronics III
  • Electronics Laboratory
Specialisation: Nanophysics
  • Nanophysics III
  • Nanophysics Laboratory

For Further Information

Dr. Debajyoti Dutta
Head of Department
Ph: +91 6000231412


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