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At the Assam Don Bosco University, we understand that when parents send their precious child to us, they are entrusing us with more than his or her education. They are handing over the responsibility of ensuring their child's health, happiness and wellbeing to us.

We're not the ones to take this responsibility lightly and that's why we give paramount importance to the health of our students. We take all the necessary measures to ensure that best of healthcare is provided to our students on campus. In addition to comprehensive health services in house, we arrange for visits to hospitals and healthcare centers outside the campus if the need ever arises.


We go out of our way to make sure we're prepared to handle any health-related problems our students may face. A qualified nurse is present on campus during college hours to cater to any first aid or emergency care needs.

In the event of serious illness or injury, an ambulance stationed at the college is pressed into action immediately to transfer the affected person/s to the nearest healthcare center for professional medical treatment.

Guided by the motto of "a healthy mind in a health body," we take proactive measures to ensure our students are in the best of health at all times. Annual medical camps to provide free eye, dental, ENT and general check-ups are conducted on campus. The university also holds life-saver and lifestyle management programs to inculcate healthy living among its students.

In addition to that, we maintain individual health records that can be used for ready reference should one of our students ever require it.

Safety is another facet of campus life that is taken very seriously at ADBU. We exercise extreme caution to ensure that complications due to carelessness, negligence or mishandling in class, lab, gym, hostel, field, or anywhere else on campus do not arise.

Parents can rest assured that their child is in safe hands at ADBU!


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