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Thanks to the massive growth of technology, the world has truly become a global village today. Technology has blurred geographical boundaries and brought people closer than ever before.

At a time when information from one part of the planet travels to another in a matter of seconds; at a time when answers to the toughest questions are simply a Google search away; at a time when people use their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter status messages to connect with their loved ones; at a time when the benefits of technology are there for everyone to see and enjoy, how can we remain outside the scope of this revolution?


At the Assam Don Bosco University, we pride ourselves at using the latest in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to achieve our objectives. Stepping up the ICT facilities for the benefit of our students, we've made our campuses Wi-Fi-enabled. A Wi-Fi enabled campus means students can surf the Internet for academic, professional and personal purposes from anywhere using their wireless device - be it a laptop computer, a tablet, or their mobile phone.

A Wi-Fi enabled campus creates a high-tech environment for students and brings information from the world over to their fingertips. It also helps create an atmosphere of collaboration and makes knowledge sharing among students easier than ever before. On a personal level, students can stay connected with the outside world without having to go through too much trouble.

We've also set up net cafes on campus to cater to the needs of students who do not have a wireless device. These strategically located net cafés allow students to access the Internet for information, e-mailing, social networking, or general browsing.

The Internet Connection at various campuses boast of 24/7 connectivity and fast speeds of up to 100 mbps. We provide the Wi-Fi and net cafe facilities absolutely free of charge to our students and welcome them to make generous use of these services to meet their educational or entertainment goals.


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