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For most students, higher education is a journey that culminates in a satisfying career. All of them enter an institution of higher education with the objective of finding their 'dream job' at the end of their academic campaign.

The Assam Don Bosco University does everything to support this dream of its students. In addition to providing them quality education and important life skills, we ensure that our students make a smooth transition from academic life to work life through our active placement cell.

To ensure the quality placement of our graduates, we’ve established a number of interactive processes that help them make the switch from being students to being professionals. These interactive processes include:

On-Job Training

Our on-job training program is aimed at providing our student their first brush with the professional world. Students get a first-hand experience of what work life will be, while still on campus.

Career Guidance

The Assam Don Bosco University employs an efficient team of career counselors to help students choose their line of work. Our counselors work with students to identify their areas of interest, aptitude, personal traits and qualities. Care is taken to ensure they’re placed in fields that cater to their interest and can maximize their potential. We welcome all our students to avail the career guidance and counseling service.

Industry Interface

ADBU’s courses are designed to bridge the gap between academia and employment for its students. As a result, we’ve embedded active industry interface in relevant courses. Industry visits, technical discourses and career seminars are regularly arranged for our students to get a sense of the world they are about to venture into.

Not only does it help students get invaluable industry experience, it also helps them prepare for their future careers in keeping with ADBU’s motto of 'Carpe Diem' or 'seize the day'.

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