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Semester I
English Communication
General Elective - I
Atomic Structure ,Bonding ,General Organic Chemistry, and Aliphatic Hydrocarbon, Chemistry of S-and P-Block elements, States of matter, and Chemical Kinetics.
Semester II
Elementary Real Analysis
Differential Equations
Environmental Studies
General Elective - II
Chemical Energetics, Equilibria & Functional Organic Chemistry, Organometallics, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Polynuclear Hydrocarbons and UV,IR Spectroscopy, Chemical Energetics, Equilibria & Functional Organic Chemistry Lab, Organometallics, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Poly-nuclear, Hydrocarbons and UV,IR Spectroscopy Lab.
Semester III
Theory of Real Functions
Group Theory I
Multivariable Calculus
Programming in C/Logic and sets
General Elective III
General Thermal Physics, Digital Systems and Applications, General Thermal Physics Lab, Digital Systems and Applications Lab.
Semester IV
Partial Differential Equations
Numerical Methods
Graph Theory /Computer Graphics
General Elective IV
General Elements of Modern Physics, Analog Systems and Applications, General Elements of Modern Physics Lab, Analog Systems and Applications Lab.
Semester V
Metric Space and Complex Analysis
Ring Theory
Discipline Specific Elective I
Number Theory, Portfolio Optimization, Analytical Geometry.
Discipline Specific Elective II
Probability and Statistics, Linear Programming, Industrial Mathematics.
Semester VI
Riemann Integration and Series of Functions
Linear Algebra
Discipline Specific Elective III
Theory of Equations, Group Theory II, Mathematical Finance, Boolean Algebra and Automata Theory.
Discipline Specific Elective IV
Mathematical Modelling, Differential Geometry .

Programme Outcome

Programme Outcome of BSc Maths


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