This newly introduced Bachelor of Arts programme of studies combines the best features of a liberal arts education with the freedom and openness of the Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS) promoted by the University Grants Commission.

Currently we offer Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English, Education, Psychology and Mass Communication with a choice of Electives from any two of these Subjects as the subsidiary options.

List of Courses

Course English Education Psychology Mass Communication
General 1 English Poetry, Drama and Fiction I: (Age of Chaucer to Romantic Age) Foundations of Education Foundations of Education Basic Psychological Processes Media and Society
General 2 English Poetry, Drama and Fiction II: (Victorian Age to Post-modernism) Philosophical Foundations of Education Developmental Psychology Community Radio (Theory+Practical)
General 3 English Essays I: (Addison to Dickens) Psychological Bases of Education Counselling Psychology Advertising
General 4 Life Writing: Biographies, Memoirs and Letters Development of Education in India Basic Abnormal Psychology Media Appreciation
Honours 1 History of English Literature I: (Anglo-Saxon Period to Romantic Age) Theories and Principles of Education Experimental Psychology Communication Theories
Honours 2 History of English Literature II: (Victorian Age to Post-modernism) Education and Society Basic Psychological Theories Performing Arts in Practice (Theory + Practical
Honours 3 English Essays II: (Twentieth century and After) Basics of Educational Research Statistics in Psychological Research Visual Communication
Honours 4 Social History of England Educational Thinkers: Oriental and Occidental Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology Media Ethics
Honours 5 Literary Criticism : Plato to F.R. Leavis Measurement and Evaluation in Education Social Psychology Digital Journalism (Thoery + Practical)
Honours 6 Post-Colonial Literature Educational Technology Field Work Development Communication
Honours 7 American Literature Foundations of Curriculum Development Psychology Practicum I Programme Production - Video (Theory + Practical)
Honours 8 (Any One) Indian English Literature/
English Language and Linguistics
Guidance and Counselling/
Special and Inclusive Education
Health Psychology/
Environmental Psychology
Photo Journalism (Theory + Practical)/
Graphic Designing (Theory + Practical)
Honours 9 African Literature Teaching Learning Methods and Pedagogy Psychological Testing Internship
Honours 10 English Language and Linguistics Teacher Education Psychology Practicum II Communication and Development: Alternative Approach/ Animation and VFX (Theory+Practical)
Honours 11/Honours 12
(Any Two)
Literary and Cultural Theory: 20th Century and After/
Women and Literature/
Translation Literature
Educational Management and Administration/
Psychological Testing/
Distance and Adult Education
Positive Psychology/
Organizational Behaviour/
Advanced Abnormal Psychology
Documentary Film Making (Theory+Project)/
Social Entrepreneurship (Theory+Project)/
Web designing and Multimedia (Theory+Practical)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Passed Higher Secondary School Leaving Examination (or equivalent) in any stream with 45% in the aggregate and 50% in English for those opting for honours in English or Mass Communication.

Number of Seats

60 seats each

Semester I
Institutional Core
  • General English I
Departmental Core
  • General I
  • Honours I
Institutional / School Electives
  • Subsidiary I - General I
  • Subsidiary II - General I
  • Open Elective I
Semester II
Institutional Core
  • General English II
Departmental Core
  • General II
  • Honours II
Institutional / School Electives
  • Subsidiary I - General II
  • Subsidiary II - General II
  • Open Elective II
Semester III
Institutional Core
  • Language I
Departmental Core
  • General III
  • Honours III
Institutional / School Electives
  • Subsidiary I - General III
  • Subsidiary II - General III
  • Open Elective III
Semester IV
Institutional Core
  • Language II
Departmental Core
  • General IV
  • Honours IV
Institutional / School Electives
  • Subsidiary I - General IV
  • Subsidiary II - General IV
  • Open Elective IV
Semester V
Institutional Core
  • Environmental Studies
  • Scientific Methodology
Departmental Core
  • Honours V
  • Honours VI
  • Honours VII
Departmental Elective
  • Honours VIII
Semester VI
Departmental Core
  • Honours IX
  • Honours X
  • Thesis Work
Departmental Elective
  • Honours XI
  • Honours XII

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