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Mechanical engineering finds application virtually in all types of industries such as automotive, aerospace, fluidic systems for pharmaceutical products, mechatronics, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), energy conversion, environmental control and manufacturing industries. The B. Tech Program offers a comprehensive foundation in mechanical engineering, emphasizing basic engineering sciences and engineering design. The curriculum covers all important courses in the discipline including thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, solid mechanics, materials, manufacturing, computer aided design and drafting, dynamics, control, mechanical systems, and mechanical design. The department aims to provide students with a broad variety of educational experiences: developing their problem solving skills, exposure to open-ended problems and design projects, opportunity for teamwork, appropriate written and verbal communication skills, and motivation towards higher studies and independent research.

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Semester I
Engineering Mathematics I
Engineering Chemistry
Engineering Physics
Communicative English I
Basic Electrical Engineering
Engineering Mechanics
Computer Programming
Engineering Chemistry Lab
Engineering Physics Lab
Computer Programming Lab
Engineering Drawing I
Workshop Practice I
Communication Practice Lab I
Semester II
Engineering Mathematics II
Engineering Chemistry
Engineering Physics
Communicative English
Basic Electronics
Advanced C and Data Structures
Elements of Mechanical
and Civil Engineering
Engineering Chemistry Lab
Engineering Physics Lab
Basic Electrical Engineering Lab
Engineering Drawing II
Advanced C and Data Structures Lab
Communication Practice Lab II
Semester III
Engineering Mathematics III
Electro Technology I
Basic Thermodynamics
Theory of Machines
Object Oriented Programming
Economics for Engineers
Electro Technology I lab
Theory of Machines lab
Engineering Drawing III
Workshop Practice II
Semester IV
Engineering Mathematics IV
Electro Technology II
Mechanics of Material
Fluid Mechanics I
Material Science
Organisational Behaviour
Electro Technology II lab
Mechanics of Materials Lab
Fluid Mechanics I Lab
Mini Project
Semester V
Mechanism & Dynamics of Machines
Applied Thermodynamics I
Heat Transfer I
Machine Design I
Project Management
Mechanism & Dynamics of Machines Lab
Applied Thermodynamics I lab
Instrumentation lab
Heat Transfer I lab
Mini Project
Semester VI
Machine Design II
Operation Research
Fluid Mechanics II
Engineering Inspection and Metrology
Numerical Methods and Computation
Production & Operations
Machine Design II lab
Fluid Mechanics II lab
Engineering Inspection and Metrology lab
Workshop Practice III
Mini Project
Semester VII
Mechanical Vibration
Applied Thermodynamics II
Hydraulic Machines
Heat Transfer II
Quality Management Systems
Elective I
Elective II
Training Seminar
Major Project Phase I
Air Conditioning
Compressor and Gas Turbine
Semester VIII
Manufacturing Method
Internal Combustion Engine
Financial Management and Accounting
Thoughts that Shaped the World
Elective III
Elective IV
Major Project Phase II and Viva-Voce
Power Plant Technology
Robotics and Applications

Programme Outcome

Programme Outcome of BTech Mechanical Engineering


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