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Introduction & overview

The School of Social Sciences situated at Tapesia Campus, aims at enhancing human knowledge in all spheres of Social Sciences through academic programmes, research studies and extension activities. The School has a clear objective of enabling young men and women to study the social issues and problems of the country and empowering a team of committed professionals - social workers, community builders, health activists, counsellors and facilitators.

Vision & Mission

To train individuals who are theoretically sound, professionally skilled and culturally sensitive as they seek to improve the quality of life for everyone they work for and work with. They will be agents of social transformation and community development wherever they find themselves in the world.

Teaching Methodology

Apart from the class room inputs the semesters of all the programmes are packed with workshops, seminars, conferences and exposure trips which allow the students to explore, assimilate and conceptualize issues and realities from various dimensions and develop clarity and better understanding.

There are extension programmes of the institute like literacy programmes and community development programmes which are initiatives of the students and are facilitated by the teachers. This is a unique opportunity for the students to get involved in project formulation and implementation during their course of study. Networking and advocacy is a strong tool of the institute to bring about transformation. The institute collaborates with Government and non-governmental organizations in areas requiring change and intervention.


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