Why we are here

The University has been set up as a response to the felt educational needs of the people of North-East India and its modus operandi is characterized by the distinctive educational philosophy and method of Don Bosco institutions worldwide:

  • a preferential option for young people from the lower strata of society, providing them with an education and preparing them for their insertion into the world of work.
  • a sustained effort to promote in society formative programmes that impact educative processes as well as strategies and policies for youth.
  • a continuous attempt, through research and services, to understand better the situation of the youth in India, especially the most disadvantaged, and to frame and implement strategies to bring about their positive transformation.
  • An emphasis on the formation of educators, and the world of communications.
  • a close attention to the inter-relationship between culture, religion, science, technology, education, professional ethics and integrity of life.

A shared dream

The Don Bosco University project has been the shared dream of a cross section of individuals, organizations and agencies. The remarkable progress of the project in such a short time bears testimony to the constant and enthusiastic support received from a wide circle of friends and well-wishers, some of whom are listed below:

Archdiocese of Salzburg (Austria)
Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Italy (CEI, Italy)
Don Bosco Nel Mondo Foundation Onlus (Rome, Italy)
Dr Ercole Lucchini (A-27 S.p.A., Italy)
Dr Giovanni Arvedi (Finarvedi S.p.A., Italy)
Prof Luigi Salvaneschi (Miami Shores, Florida)
Rector Major & General Council (Salesians of Don Bosco, Italy)
Salesian Procures (Madrid, Bonn, Turin, New Rochelle, Soest, Beromunster)
Salesian Province of Guwahati, Assam (India)
Salesian Province of Hong Kong (China)
Stichting Porticus (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Stiftung Bachmann (Luzern, Switzerland)
Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo (VIS, Italy)

Realized dreams

During Phase-I the University concentrated on the establishment of its campus at Azara (Guwahati) to house its temporary Headquarters and the Department of Engineering. Currently the campus also accommodates the Departments of Social Work, Psychological Counselling and Child Rights Development as well as providing space and laboratories of the doctoral research candidates.

The University has set up the following infrastructure at its Campus at Azara (Guwahati):

  • Don Bosco College of Engineering & Technology for 1600 students.
  • Hostels for men and women (300 men and 200 women).
  • Staff Quarters (12 family quarters and 12 bachelor accommodations).

The University has set up the following infrastructure at its Campus at Kharguli (Guwahati)

  • Don Bosco Institute of Management for 240 students
  • Hostels for men and women (100 each)

The University has secured 500 acres of land at Tapesia Gardens, Guwahati for the establishment of its permanent campus. A detailed Master Plan has been prepared for the phased development of the state-of-the-art campus that will be an uplifting confluence of natural beauty and architectural excellence. Here are the glimpses of some conceptual buildings:


The dream goes on

In Phase-II of its developmental plans, Don Bosco University has the following projects:

  • Establish the Departments of Education, Social Work*, Psychological Counselling*, Child Rights Development*, Educational Leadership and Media & Communication: Build up the necessary infrastructure for these departments consisting of the following cluster of buildings: a) Academic Block – 1, b) 2 hostels each for men and women to accommodate 540 students, c) Accommodation for 32 members of the Staff (Family Quarters)
  • Set up a Primary Health Center to cater to the needs of the university community and reach out to the nearly 40 villages that are scattered around the campus with health facilities and health education
  • School for Under-Privileged Children: One of the very special projects that the University envisions is a fully sponsored residential school for one thousand under-privileged, especially tribal children, accompanying them with quality education from the school level, thus giving them a head-start in life
  • Set up a Solar Farm to produce 1 MW of energy for self-sufficiency in power supply, and to feed the surplus power to the national grid.
  • Create a fresh water lake covering 15 acres of land to ensure self-sufficiency in water supply by tapping the streams flowing through the campus as well as by optimising water harvesting from the buildings to replenish the water table.
  • DBU Global North-East Outreach Programme: The initiative aims to offer 1,000 scholarships a year to students from North-East India to pursue BBA or BCA in the online mode, reaching out via a network of over 45 Centers spread out throughout the North East.
  • Women’s Study Centre: A special study centre, focusing on gender issues and women’s studies, research into and development of women empowerment programmes, will form an integral part of the University

*The Department of Social Work, Psychological Counselling and Child Rights Development has been operating from its temporary campus at Azara since 2008.

Your support matters

We invite individuals, organizations, agencies and government departments to share our dream and be the agents of change and transformation.

Wherever you live, and however much you are able to give, the University and the Don Bosco University Development Offices exist to help you channel your support to make a difference. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for further advice: your support matters.

Tax Benefits for Donors

For Donors from India: All donations will be acknowledged and tax exemption certificates under sections 80 (G), 10 (23C) and 35(A)(C) of the Income Tax Act will be given to all donors to Don Bosco Society/Don Bosco University. We are in a position to offer 100% tax exemption certificates to potential donors from India. Donations are to be made in favour of ‘Don Bosco University / Don Bosco Society’ {The Secretary, Don Bosco Society, Airport Road – Azara, Guwahati, Assam – 781017 (Phone: +91 9435544994, Email: [email protected]) Web:www.dbuniversity.ac.in/ www.dbsazara.org }. Kindly indicate that the donations are for ‘Don Bosco University Project – Assam, India’.

For Donors from Europe: the donations for the University will get the full benefits available under European laws if the donations are routed through ‘Don Bosco Nel Mondo Foundation’ {The Director, Fondazione Don Bosco Nel Mondo, Via della Pisana, 1111 - 00163 ROMA, (Phone: +39 06 65612663 Email: [email protected]), www.donbosconelmondo.org}. Kindly indicate clearly that the donation is for ‘Don Bosco University Project – Assam, India’.

For Donors from USA: the donations for the University will get the full benefits available under United States laws if the donations are routed through ‘Salesian Missions’ { Fr Mark Hyde SDB, Salesian Missions Procure, 2 Lefevre Lane. P.O. Box 2640, New Rochelle, NY 10802 -0030, USA (Phone: + 1 915-6338344, Email: [email protected]), Web:www.salesianmissions.org ). Kindly indicate clearly that the donation is for ‘Don Bosco University Project – Assam, India}. Kindly indicate clearly that the donation is for ‘Don Bosco University Project – Assam, India’.

Contact Information for Donors and Funding Agencies/Foundations

Contact Addresses (India)

Fr Stephen Mavely SDB
Coordinator, Don Bosco University Project
Vice Chancellor, Don Bosco University
Airport Road, Azara
Guwahati – 781017, Assam, INDIA
(+ 91 94355 44994/ [email protected])
Web: www.dbuniversity.ac.in

Fr V.M. Thomas SDB
Provincial, Salesians of Don Bosco
Provincial House, P.B. 258
Guwahati 781001, Assam, INDIA
(+91 94351 17838/ [email protected])


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