If you want to get a sense of the academic environment of a college or university, just take a walk through its library. The hallowed alleys of a library are an excellent indicator of an institution's commitment to higher education. The library is, quite simpy, the nerve center of an educational institution.

The library is not just a storehouse of resources and information that students can use for reference, but it also provides them the most conducive environment for learning. It's that area of an educational institution where great minds go to work and give shape to great ideas

The Assam Don Bosco University has a well-stocked and spacious computerized library accessed by students for individual study or to conduct research, organize group learning sessions, hold consultations with professors, or just bounce off ideas. The library at ABDU has a wealth of digitized and printed resources from the world over and makes it easily available to students for ready use.

Additionally, the Don Bosco College of Engineering and Technology (DBCET) is a member of the INDEST-AICTE Consortium. Originally named the "Indian National Digital Library in Engineering Sciences and Technology (INDEST) Consortium," the INDEST-AICTE Consortium was set up in the year 2003 by the Ministry of Human Resource Development as a platform for international e-resource sharing.

The Consortium, which is headquartered at IIT Delhi, subscribes to over 12,000 electronic journals from a number of well-known publishers and aggregators at discounted rates and favorible terms for AICTE-approved engineering colleges and institutions across India.

As a member of the Consortium, DBCET enjoys unlimited access to its databases. Students at DBCET can benefit from these worldclass, multi-disciplinary resources to aid their learning process.

Assam Don Bosco University has entered into agreements with the best institutions of higher learning and social sciences research in the North East by which students of the University may use the libraries of these institutions for research and consultation. Some of these institutions are:

  • IIT Guwahati
  • Gauhati University
  • North East Social Research Centre, Guwahati
  • Sacred Heart Theological College, Shillong
  • St. Anthony’s College, Shillong
  • Don Bosco College, Tura

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