A college cafeteria is more than a place that serves lip-smacking snacks and refreshing drinks to students. Ask any college graduate about his or her fondest on-campus memories and chances are that most of them involve the cafeteria in some way or the other.

Cafeteria is that one place in an otherwise strictly academic and disciplined environment of a college where students are allowed to let go. It's a place where lifelong bonds are formed over steaming cups of coffee; where ideas to change the world are exchanged; where ideals meet reality; where guitar-playing skills are honed and perfected; where football strategies are discussed and decided.

A cafeteria is a happy place reverberating with carefree laughter, friendly banter, animated conversations, and frenzied activity!

At the Assam Don Bosco University, we have several canteens and cafeterias that address the need of our students to assimilate, interact, socialize, and familiarize themselves with life on campus. In addition to serving as a meeting ground for students, the cafeterias at the Assam Don Bosco University serve hot, nutritious and tasty food items to cater to a wide variety of palates

Our cafeterias also serve the staple beverages of all college-goers - tea and coffee - without which life on campus is incomplete. The food and beverages are available to our students at reasonable rates. The fun comes for free!


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