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Department Profile

Everyone has a philosophy of life. A student of Philosophy, however, is trained to hone his or her skills in understanding the how and the why of persons and things. While exposing students to different approaches to Philosophy down the ages, it initiates the student to the fine art of philosophising and to discover the joys of doing philosophy.

The courses offered by the Department of Philosophy at the University are geared to enable the students to evolve for themselves a holistic philosophical vision that will promote personal, social and ecological wellness and harmony.

The course aims to:

  • Familiarize students with the multiplicity of philosophical thoughts from around the world
  • Enable the students to appreciate the ties that bind human persons through the prism of multiple cultures, religions, languages, movements and perspectives; and
  • Hone the skills of students in creative thinking through open ended and mutually enriching dialogue that leads to the formation of a philosophy of life for themselves.

This course, therefore, is envisaged

  • To promote familiarity with various philosophical schools of the world
  • To understand the human person in relation to the world around him/her through the study of multiple cultures, religions, languages and present day movements and perspectives.

Courses Offered by the Department:

  • BA in Philosophy
  • PhD

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