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Department Profile

North East of India, where Don Bosco University has been established, is known for its variety of cultures, religions, and languages, continues to be a fertile ground for researchers across a wide spectrum of academic interest (Visit: http://www.dbuniversity.ac.in/location/). In particular, it is an anthropologists’ dreamland. Therefore, the Department of North East India Studies is established with an aim to record the social cultural dynamics of the region’s past, present and future. It tends to inform the academic community, researchers, social scientists, policy makers and many others about the dynamics of the region. The region is an immense treasure trove of resources and may have the answers to some of the most perplexing problems the world is going through.

North East India, known for its diversity on all fronts is not without challenges and confusion. Hence, the Department attempts to explore ways to harness the cultural mosaic of the region and tries to find solutions to the predicaments of identity and ethnicity of the region.

The Department offers Elective Papers in Master Degree Courses and Doctoral Studies under the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and publishes the “Journal of North East Indian Cultures. Online Diploma Programmes on the cultures, tribes, languages and religions of the region are on the anvil in association with Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures (DBCIC: https://dbcic.org/)


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