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BA-BEd and BSc-BEd programmes at Don Bosco University are professional Teacher Education Courses for those aspiring to make teaching their career and their passion. These Courses put together an amalgamation of

Pedagogical theory to provide the philosophical, sociological and psychological underpinnings for practicing the teaching skills in the classroom;

Teaching skills to provide training and practice in the different techniques, approaches and strategies that would help the teachers to plan and impart instruction, provide appropriate reinforcement and conduct effective assessment. It includes effective classroom management skills, preparation and use of instructional materials and communication skills; and,

>Professional skills dealing with techniques, strategies and approaches to gain professional expertise and growth. It includes soft skills, counseling skills, interpersonal skills, computer skills, information retrieving and management skills and above all life-long learning skills

These Teacher Education programmes at Don Bosco University have a strong core curriculum taught in the context of practice and grounded in knowledge of the child and adolescent development and learning, an understanding of social and cultural contexts, curriculum design, reform, and innovation, evaluation and assessment and subject matter content and pedagogy knowledge and skills.

Extended teaching practice, at least 24 to 36 weeks of supervised practicum and student teaching opportunities in each programme are carefully chosen and monitored to support the ideas presented in Course Work. A variety of case methods, teacher research and performance assessment nudge the students to apply learning to real problems of practice. Explicit strategies are designed also to help students to confront their own deep-seated beliefs and assumptions about learning and students.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates with at least 50% marks in Senior Secondary or plus two examination or its equivalent. Admission shall be given on the basis of previous academic record and performance at the Personal Interview.

Number of Seats

50 seats each in BSc BEd and BA BEd


Tapesia Campus

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Note: The Course structure gives additional courses/papers to be taken by B.Ed students along with Bachelor in Science / Arts courses given in their respective pages.

Semester I
Elements of Education
Health and Physical Education
Semester II
Human Growth and Development
Language Across Curriculum
School Visit and Journaling
Semester III
Teaching – Learning Process
Socialisation and Identity
Art and Craft
Semester IV
Educational Measurement and Evaluation
Teacher Education
Information and Communications Technology
Semester V
Pedagogy of School Subject –I
Language Assamese / Hindi / Bengali /Science
Self UnderstandingDevelopment Economics-I
Preparation of Lesson Plan
Semester VI
Pedagogy of School subject -2
Social Science / Maths
Pedagogy of School Subject -2
Language / Science
Community Work / Service Learning
Semester VII
Education in India
Pedagogy of School Subject – 2
Social Science / Science / Maths / Life Science
Teaching Practice in Schools (20+20 LPs)
Semester VIII
Multicultural Placement (2 Weeks)
School Internship (16 Weeks)

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