An application at Don Bosco University Global is a simple online process.

Applicants are required to create an account on our online application portal, giving their name , email id, phone number, login name and password details. Once the signup form has been completed, the system verifies the identity of the applicant by sending an email link and an sms code to the applicant on his / her email and mobile phone. The candidate needs to verify the email account by clicking the link and logging in, and also verifies the mobile number by entering the code sent to the phone, online.

Once verified, the applicant can start the application process by selecting the program chosen, filling in personal, academic and professional details, as well as uploading directly onto the system the required documents. Once this is done, the student can choose what payment plan he / she wishes to go for, and make the payment, either online via debit / credit card, net banking , or via a DD in favor of the University.

After having done so, an applicant is required to Submit the form, by clicking the submit button on the portal. A submitted application is sent to the University registration department for further processing and approvals. If approved, students get a welcome email, with a PDF of the filled in application form attached. As a final step, the applicant is required to download the PDF , print it, sign all its pages, and send with signed copies of the Documents submitted earlier, to the Registration Department address given.

A student also gets access to the system instantaneously, as soon as the registration department enrolls the candidates, and can being his / her program immediately.

The entire process takes at the best 3-7 days, given the applicant has all the required documents and has uploaded them correctly.

You may start the application process by following this link -

Should you have any queries, you may email

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