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A Graduate Degree is the first step you take towards a professional career. Most corporates and employers today require their employees to have at the minimum of a Graduate Degree or Diploma, to be eligible to apply.

If , after school, you've chosen to work full time while pursuing your graduation on a part time basis, or , as many others, have had to take a break in your education , you can choose one of our Graduation Degrees to get you back on track.

Your choice of a Graduate Program sets the base for your career in the future, as well as any Post Graduate studies you choose to follow later. Choose between a Management Degree, the Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) , or an IT Degree, the Bachelors in Computer Application.

Bachelors in Business Administration

A Graduation level Business Management Degree, This BBA Program contributes to the career development of business studies graduates, preparing them for a corporate career , or as a Business Owner or manager.

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Bachelor of Computer Application

Information technology has become an integral part of modern contemporary society. IT is becoming so prominent that it is changing every aspect of human life; trade, commerce, communication, manufacturing, service sector, entertainment, education and Global security. Considering the enormous importance being assigned to the IT sector, DBU Global has introduced Bachelor of Computer Application course for the benefit of to-be IT whizzes.

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